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Human, trying to learn more every day to become a better global citizen. Finding pride and guilt are daily occurrences along the way - actually - mostly just guilt.

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    Still not recycled your old light bulbs???

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    Vegan, palm free and plastic package free soaps. My friend is setting up her own business and I wholly endorse her!!


    We don't all have time to make Christmas presents, so good to know someone else will do it in a way that makes you feel less guilty.

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    Been thinking about sustainability in fashion.

    What about some kind of "Traid Up" scheme....

    So the same way many coffee companies are now saying you get a discount if you bring your reusable coffee cup (or even refusing a sale in disposable cups)...

    Fashion companies offer a "Traid Up" discount to consumers who return clothes for recycling or charitable use(maybe for women's shelters etc) when they purchase an item.

    Yes - in terms of the environment, charity shop clothes are the way, yes fixing clothes is the way, but new clothes are amazing and part of a fabulous industry of creativity (despite the high pollutant aspect and obviously some fashion retailers poor labour use)...

    So, customers have to consume things to drive the economy and give fashion designers a purpose and keep trade alive in many aspects - many that are in my mind a healthy and positive part of industry and life.

    So fabric recycling companies, big brands and the government create a scheme to subsidise retailers.(or it is directly subsidised by the retailer with a grant?- maybe a tax incentive to join for the retailer?)
    Retailers then offer a 2/5/10% discount to consumers who return item/items for recycling or reuse when they make a purchase over a certain amount. (Maybe the discount is in line with the purchase amount?) They could also have a loyalty card which gets stamps so that when they have completed ten purchase exchanges they get a £ gift voucher.

    Maybe we could even have a universal "Traid Card" and it gets stamped when we give clothes to charity shops and buy clothes from charity shops. When this is completed we get a £ voucher to use at a clothes retailer of our choice.

    This way we are discouraging used items to go to landfill and encouraging more thought around clothes recycling. And getting clothes retailers involved.

    But I know that online sales are huge so something would have to go around that. Also i don't tend to go to shops so this may be already happening...

    Anyway - an idea for you.
    Anyone able to run with it?!