• Hi!
    We are about to have a foundational meeting in Brussels, Oct. 18-20th. We want to come up with an action plan for a social foundation to curate global change for climate action and sustainability.
    Have you any ideas and insights on how to get seed financing?

  • Yes, funding is definitely needed to make positive impact activities happen. Education is crucial. As people become informed, decisions are obvious.
    Unfortunately education cost money to move volunteers around and share the knowledge. Any ideas and support on this front will be welcome.
    We encourage all to participate and share ideas.
    Someone in this large group may have a unique idea that will potentially move things forward.
    So please share your ideas.
    To back Eva’s comments, I said the same thing to myself on the last day of the CISL programme.
    It is an eye opener for me.
    So Eva, you are not alone on this subject.

  • Hi there,

    Glad there's interest in getting funding together for the education side, in its broadest sense.

    As a teacher, OT's Education Ambassador ;-) and now Director of Advocacy for the UK National Union of Student's sustainability team, I think this could make a huge contribution. I think there must be philanthropists out there would like to support this?

    In terms of the funding's deployment for the youngest learners (i.e. schools, universities), I think must tap into all the myriad existing teachers, schemes and initiatives rather than reinventing the wheel.

    Some thoughts on schemes to support now to save needing to educate future business CEOs in adulthood:

    1. Educcate Global has been going great guns getting school teachers all over the world trained up in climate science, using the United Nations e-learn platform.
      See press page for enormous impact they're having: https://educcateglobal.org/press-%252526­-media.html
      I think it would be a good idea to use any funding to help promote and develop this course as there is no official financing of it but just a little bit of money would go a very long way. Note anybody can do this course - kids, teachers, business, individuals.

    2. This first-ever conference on Climate Emergency and Education in UK on Sat was absolutely brilliant: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1irlqj87­Mz_JXMkrPWZVFFamUFhV9ftwH/view
      So tons of people there to draw on and talk to about this.

    3. New campaign in UK to review English education system re climate crisis: https://www.teachthefuture.uk
      Financing could help with this and promote similar initiatives in other countries, perhaps through CISL graduates.

    4. Huge problem with sustainability in schools is it's at such a low level that individual teachers and support staff are all doing this on the side, on top of heavy teaching timetables and all sorts of other responsibilities. The UN programme is trying to get teachers' recognition through official responsibility allowances but if a philanthropist were to fund x staff sustainability reps per school this would be a huge contribution.

    Look forward to discussing in Brussels!

  • Every school should have a sustainability lead Agent. Teachers are already doing enough with less, it could be overwhelming. In fact, just as schools have nurses, counselors, team coach etc., on site, the same philosophy should apply. Could be a winning strategy for humanity & future generations. The school budget should accommodate the bill.

  • @mesh I totally agree, 100%!

    In haste...

    I am [allegedly part-time] languages teacher with 22 lessons a week, somehow fitting around that day-to-day sustainability, eco-partnerships and Higher Education outreach with other schools plus trying to have a life. I am totally overwhelmed and all the dozens of informal school sustainability reps I'm in touch with are too...

    Unfortunately this is not a quick fix even though it is a no-brainer, schools of all types won't agree to this readily, that's why as part of my work for UK National Union of Students we are working (pupil-led) to influence the UK Education Department for a review (link above).

    In the meantime we need funding to enable willing but over-worked teachers, support staff and pupils to get stuff done in terms of improving school sustainability and raising awareness of pupils, headteachers, governors, staff and families.

  • Great insights, thanks!

  • Yep, there has never been a quick fix. Everything requires a period of time to build. It’s a journey and will take some time. Systems and humans, you know there is a lot of tension points.

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Funding opportunities for OneThing Social Foundation

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