• We have an opportunity to develop a game with some students at Falmouth University, UK.

    I need your help in writing some specifications and requirements for this game:

    1. Name of Game
    2. Objective if game in 8 /9 words - test knowledge
    3. Online game
    4. fun to play
    5. Reward/prizes - save the earth at certain level of expertise
    6. Team option - play cross sector,across boundaries and countries - by collaboration save the earth
    7. target audience - I thought 3 levels- a. basic b. medium c. expert
    8. connection via emotion and motivation would be great
    9. Use CNN DrawDown quiz as inspiration - https://edition.cnn.com/interactive/2019­/04/specials/climate-change-solutions-qu­iz/index.html
    10. online game that is mobile internet friendly - can share results via Instagram, twitter, Facebook and https://Onething.is sustainability platform

  • I’ve been working on this. Will send a plan over tomorrow.

  • I don’t think it should tie to Drawdown unless you want to create it with/for them.

  • My reasoning for Drawdown as target theme, is that we can then get all the DrawdownLearn students over Brussel weekend to look at game, interacting and signup to OneThing (Penn State University etc) This will give us an international connection & exposure. My Nephew says he needs to develop a new game every week -and there are 20-30 Masters students. So they could develop multiple games for us if we are lucky, make it interesting for them in terms of specifications etc.

  • They make a new game weekly? So I suppose it can’t be too involved?

  • @Grant 👆🏽

  • Hi Grant,
    Just some thoughts.

    Possible names: Eco-Action / The Eco-Steward / The Earth Guardian
    Objective: Decreasing 40% in CO2-equivalent emissions until 2030
    Target audience: I would say you put all of them in the same game, but the game could be structured in 3 levels (like these role-playing games), with increasing level of difficulty in the questions.
    Score: the estimated CO2-equivalent emissions saved per year
    Rewards: Reach the next level by having saved enough CO2-equivalent emissions
    In the beginning of the following level, give some tribute to the player.
    Example: "The mayor of Beijing has decided to give you a medal of honour for your decisive help in improving the city's air quality. Beijing inhabitants no longer use masks!". Then, the player keeps the medal on the corner of the screen - It gives extra chances to proceed in the game.
    Modality: multiple-choice questions, with several options, each saving some amount in CO2-equivalents.
    Game-over message: "Good job. You saved X in CO2-equivalent emissions. But we need to save more and faster!"
    If the game has 3 levels, for instance, we could have 10 questions per level. A total of 30 questions divided by the community would be easy to make.

    Here go my suggestions.What do you think?
    In any case, these specifications and objectives should be defined or agreed before a more thorough work on the game can be done. Also, if each game is prepared in a single week, it cannot be too complex, I guess.

    Let me know what you guys think then.

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Interactive Gaming opportunity - sustainability as a quizz

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