Sustainability in the office

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  • How to create office / studio that is more sustainable?

  • At the moment I've been trying to solve the never-ending waste of printers... They always brake after 2years and the cartages are super wasteful. Any tips on this?

  • But printing services rather than a printer - that way the provider not only fixes your problems when needed but owns the machines, and will replace or update them

    There is a cartridge refill services - you don’t have to buy the new ones but just send the ones you have for refill. I had the details of the company somewhere if you like ?

  • Oh yes @Marina, that would be great if you have a contact.

  • Print Release system so useful to reduce people sending stuff to printers and not picking it up / reprinting / someone taking it / recklessly printing anything. I reckon we've reduced waste from 30% being printed unnecessarily to almost zero printing waste. Also setting default settings to black and white, double-sided and even 50% landscape.

  • Message from someone on CISL course I copied down:

    Eco fonts [use less ink]= Century Gothic, Calibri and Times New Roman. There is one called Ecofont but haven’t tried it. We also set our Printer default to PDF, so copies are always made electronically first; you must make a conscious decision to print on paper.

  • One point to bear in mind re printing is that emails, digital tech, screens, websites, social media etc. all use A LOT of energy!! I read somewhere 20% of all energy?? So going paperless perhaps not ALWAYS the simple option as need to weigh up unintended consequences... but at least if energy provider is renewable in office that's better but that doesn't account for energy use elsewhere in creating digital stuff...

  • Thank you @JessT Ecofont seems interesting! I work in a fashion studio and that, unfortunately, requires a lot of printing all the time.

  • @Tjasa These guys offer recycling of the old cartridges >>

    Options for cartridge refill - I am sure there are more:

  • Any recommendation on how to make general recycling in the office easier for everyone to understand? I think a lot of people are quite uneducated about what to put in which bin even with big colorful stickers on the bins.

  • What tends to work well is images and colours - images of what goes in, as well as words perhaps - less text that you have to actually read but words that you can catch a glimpse of. We also had different types of recycling bins in different locations - paper recycling around the desks, food and plastic near the kitchens/ tea places. Although have to admit I don’t know the stats around it:)

  • Could you set up collections for hard-to-recycle items through Terracycle:
    Either the paid services or free collections (take to a local hub or become a hub itself). Employees can then bring in stuff from home. Beauty, dental, snack and confectionary wrappers, writing intstruments, contact lenses and coffee packaging might be particularly useful?

  • Most already do this I know but good to put message like below as standard on email signatures:
    Please consider the environment before printing this email
    Follow link for how to create banner

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Sustainability in the office

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