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  • Hi all,

    I would like to test an initial business idea with you, would be great if you could give me some thoughts on this.

    First a short introduction: I’m a lawyer, worked in the financial sector for about 7 years and quit my job beginning of this year in order to study on sustainability and see if I can switch careers to a job in sustainability. In this journey I learned some things about myself: I love to learn, have a very broad interest in many sustainability subjects and I love building a convincing business case (a bit of a lawyer thing maybe, the joy of building a convincing case πŸ˜‰). Also I found out that there are great opportunities in switching to sustainable operations for many companies, not only from a planet perspective, but from a profit perspective. I would love for more companies to see the potential in this for them. But unfortunately (and logically..) a lot of the discussion is focussed on negative matters and why we have to act to save our planet. I believe more companies can be convinced by bringing a positive message, focussed on the benefits for their business. Or in the words of Paul Hawken: β€œ*We see global warming not as an inevitability but as an invitation to build, innovate, and effect change, a pathway that awakens creativity, compassion, and genius.”

    I think many people are concerned about sustainability and would like to put this on the agenda of the company where they work or perhaps are shareholder or director of. But not everyone has the right resources. It is often unclear in the sustainability discussion what is truly right and what to believe, and writing a convincing business case can be very difficult without the relevant knowledge.

    I would like to make this easier by setting up a database with correct and legit sources on sustainability topics. A database that can be searched easily and where one can find easy to read and understand and trustworthy sources of information (which people are already working on on OT 😊). I would like people to be able to search on a subject such as sustainable building or LCA and find a set of great articles they can use to build their case. To create added value, I would also like to create and include pieces of argumentation with reference to good resources, that would be available to use. Also I would like to assist people with writing a convincing business case by reviewing or drafting one.

    In the legal field, there are many of these types of databases available, which provide so much added value for inhouse lawyers that lack backup of a big legal team. Of course it is also helpful for sutdents. I can imagine, with more and more inhouse sustainability managers and staff being hired, who will also have to make business cases for changes they would like to make within organisations, demand for such a database could also grow for sustainability related resources.

    I have noticed there are some resource databases available on sustainable topics but most of them are focused on scientific use or on one specific subject. I think something for a non-scientific and broader audience could still be lacking.

    Very interested to hear your thoughts: do you think this would be something for which there is demand in the market? And what would really give added value to this idea?


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