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  • Great thread @Jenny @JayL @Marina @Tjasa One of the ideas of the ESS/OT merger weekend in Brussels is to discuss project ideas, companies have volunteer resources available, companies are supporting Social Foundation projects - so if we could start brainstorming ideas to meet SME Company Sustainability goals - then they will allocate budget for 2020.

    Now is a great time to talk to companies or colleagues in your network and see what they are thinking about allocating budget for 2020.

    Brussels weekend will also focus on EU identified sustainability challenges and project budgets allocated to impact these challenges.

    E.g. Company X is thinking of allocating 50k to plant trees to offset their Carbon emissions from their IT computer cloud servers, buildings & staff travel. Maybe they could think of another 10k for a local Climate Change project for a group of OT consultants as part of their SDG goals?

    I help startup technology startups, build their businesses and now I will focus only on Sustainability Business Impacts going forward - like ESS/OT.


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